Murder in Baldur's Gate

Be'were the Rats!

It's a stinking job, but someone has to do it.

Table 2
The Cast
Pat as Tarvor the Psionicists
Brain as Dak the Githzerai Seeker
Scott as Kondrat the Rogue
Cooper as Nairue the Eladrin Templar
Tim as DM

Days pass with no word from Rilsa, perhaps she is upset at being double crossed by the Heroes. A sanitation strike starts and the days go by and the city gets filthy. A week goes by when Silvershield and Ravengard both send invitations to meet. Team decides to skip Ravengard. Silvershield gives them gold and tells them to take care of the union problem. After asking around, the team makes their way to the Nightsoil Guild Hall. After a few questions and a bit of threats to the guild leader, the team leaves unsuccessful in ending the strike.

PipThe days quickly pass and the strike gets worse, more garage piles up, and news of rat attacks start to appear. Silvershield send them a note demanding they take care of the situation. The team hires Pip, their favorite lamp lad, to take them around the lower city at night in hopes of finding the cause of the rat attacks. (Insert retcon) The team starts to patrol areas likely to get attacked or have been a place of attack. One night while patrolling Bloomridge, Tarvor spots a broken ceramic bowl on a trash heap that has the letters, “F E L O G Y R / B G” scratched into the bottom of the bowl. It is stained with residue that smells of sulfur and smoke. Tarvor recognizes it as likely used to make smoke powder. (End retcon). A few nights later while they’re patrolling the city, they see someone suspicious up ahead. They decide to drop the light and try to make a quick sneak/ambush on the person, but they all lack lowlight vision and lack stealth.

A chase ensues (a short skill challenge) and Nairue is useless (fails check twice), but Dak appears out of nowhere, jumping across roofs and spots the guy going into the sewer. The team dismisses Pip and enters the sewer as they debate what to do next. They realize that they have no reason to attack this guy. The stranger yells at them, “Leave me alone!” They yell back, “Why did you run away?” He yells back, “Why did you chase me?” Good point. The Heroes pauses to consider their next move. “Why did you come into the sewer?” they ask. “I’m safe here,” he yells back. They’re still standing in a dark sewer tunnel entrance. Nairue moves further into the sewer, “Stand where you are!” yells the stranger, letting the team know he sees better than they can right now. The team continues to discuss their course of action.

Nairue busts out a sunrod and the Heroes move closer, Kondrat jumps into the sewer and wades across, boy does it stink. The stranger plays a fife and rats swarms around the Heroes. Rat swarm by jayodjick(I took notes for an escalation of sewer conditions which would grant CA for the creatures as well as change the sewage movement conditions, but I forgot to use them.) The Heroes notice that the stranger’s wounds heal a bit over time, Tarvor suspects the stranager is a wererat (I put the rats too far away from ratboy and I didn’t get a chance to change him to wererat form. I need to get better at DM combat.) Everyone gets rat bites, except Tarvor who has a pair of super sturdy, knee high, leather boots.

After defeating the rats and capturing the wererat, the team questions the wererat. They bind him and take his money and fife. He curses them and isn’t intimidated by them. Dak returns his share of the money back they stole from ratboy. This improves the situation and the wererat is more talkative and admits to being paid. He promises to leave town and give up his employer if they return his money. The team returns the rest of his money. (I had Pat rolling 1d6 every few minutes and was giving that many hit points back to wererat boy.)Wererat by satibalzane d595emq

After getting his money, the wererat rolls on his employer; the head of the Nightsoil Guild! Kondrat says thank you, then stabs the bound wererat, killing him in one blow. Just to be certain, he cuts off the head and dumps the body in the sewer. The smell is overwhelming and team must do an Endurance check. Kondrat fails and barfs all over himself.

The team delivers the head to the Watch Citadel and leaves a note for Silvershield that the attacks should end. The next day they go back to the Nightsoil Guild hall and intimidate the guild leader into going back to work or they would reveal who hired the wererat. This time the guild leader complies and the Guild goes back to work.

On the way back into town Nairue expresses her displeasure at how the wererat was killed. Kondrat explains how they had to kill him before he changed form. Nairue clarifies that she wasn’t opposed to the killing, just how the body was handled afterwards since she is a Priestess. The Heroes promise to treat the bodies of any future kills with more dignity.



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