Murder in Baldur's Gate

Protesters and Kidnappers

10% from the 1%

Table 2
The Cast
Brain as Dak the Githzerai Seeker (off on a Githzerai meeting this week)
Scott as Kondrat the Rogue (off meeting shady characters this week)
Cooper as Nairue the Eladrin Templar
Jacob as Dun the Goliath Fighter
Pat as Tarvor the Psionicists (who was channeling Heskan the Dragonborn Paladin Premade)
Tim as DM

We pick up with our Heroes as they try and convince Duke Silvershield to rescind the Dueling laws. The Duke feigns having any influence with the Parliament of Peers to change the laws. The team decides that their next course of action is to intervene in as many duels as possible to teach the Patriars the lesson to not duel any more. After keeping this up for a few days, the lesson begins to take and the duels end.

With Dak and Kondrat off for the week, Nairue, Tarvor, and Dun spend time in the city gathering rumors and taking the pulse of the city. They catch wind of a brewing protest in Norchapel that intend to march to the High Hall and demand that the Outer City be recognized. The Heroes learn that the protest has been growing in size and that Ravengard has mobilized the Flaming Fist to intercept them at Baldur’s Gate to prevent them from entering the Upper City. Silvershield, on the other hand, has withdrawn all the Watch soldiers from the walls and near Baldur’s Gate in order to leave Ravengard solely responsible.

The team mixes in with the marching protesters and they get the feeling that most of them are unarmed and leaderless. The Heroes also notice that the crowd has a small group of armed agitators mixed in who are provoking them. They continue to march until they reach Baldur’s Gate and find it closed and hundreds of Flaming Fist soldiers blocking the street. Marshal Ravengard orders them to disperse and return home. A few people shout back but the crowd does not disperse. The team decides to covertly take out a few of the possible Guild agitators and to also talk Ravengard into holding off on any drastic action. They successfully defuse the situation and convince Ravengard to wait as the crowd slowly dissipates.Order of the stick comic

Impress by their actions, Ravengard reaches out to them the following day and asks them for their assistance in a sensitive and timely problem. The Heroes agree to help and Ravengard explains the son of a prominent merchant had been kidnapped and Ravengard hires them to retrieve the missing son. After following the kidnapper’s instructions and running through the city, with Tarvor getting a bit lost, Dun and Nairue finally reach the kidnapper’s hideout and find the boy tied between two halflings, a human thug, and a Flaming Fist soldier. Dun and Nairue deliver the ransom stall the exchange. This frustrates the kidnappers since they want the money and want to leave. As they try to exchange the gold for the boy, someone makes a dash for the boy, which causes the human to make a dash for the cash and the door. Dun kills the human as Tarvor finally catches up with everyone. Frustrated that they might not get their gold or their freedom, the kidnapper fight off the heroes and also try to kill the boy. The heroes finally manage to take the kidnappers down and before they are able to kill boy. They deliver the ransom, the boy, and the Flaming Fist soldier back to Ravengard.

Ravengard is shocked to find one of his troops involved in the kidnapping and offers the team 100 gp each for their silence. The team agrees to this if Ravengard also agrees to end his military tribunals. Ravengard quickly agrees then kills the soldier in front of them, upsetting Nairue.


covertly take out a few of the possible Guild agitators
Is anything Dun does really covert?

Protesters and Kidnappers

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Protesters and Kidnappers

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