Murder in Baldur's Gate

The Calm Before the Storm

A soiree and sneak

Table 2
The Cast
Brain as Dak the Githzerai Seeker
Scott as Kondrat the Rogue
Cooper as Nairue the Eladrin Templar
Jacob as Dun the Goliath Fighter
Tim as DM

After the news of the killing the Wererat in the sewer make the headline of The Baldur’s Mouth, things begin to look up for our Heroes. More people start to recognize them in he streets, venders give them food, and tavern patrons offer them drinks. It’s a good time to be a Hero. Or is it?

Rumors start to make their way to the streets about the political jockeying for the open Duke’s Seat. Traditionally this seat has been offered to someone with ties to the Lower City and to the Flaming Fist, normally the Marshall of the Flaming Fist. But the title of Duke has yet to be offered to Marshall Ravengard by the Parliament of Peers. A deeper probing by the team into their various contacts in the city reveal that Duke Silvershield is the largest controlling factor for the patriars. They also uncover the rumors that Wyllyck Caldwell, a lumber baron patriar, was being considered for the fourth seat, but Ravengard some how made Caldwell make public statements of his non interest in being a Duke. (The team rolled some high skill check numbers).

The days pass and the tensions in the city continue to rise as do incidents of graffiti, vandalism, Flaming Fist roughhousing, and forceful enforcement of the Sumptuary Laws. While walking the streets on day, the team comes across a small Flaming Fist patrol harassing a small group of laborers. They again try to deflect the hostility of the patrol unto themselves, but with less success that last time, but they avoid a fight with the patrol.

More days pass and the Upper City decides to react to the increase in civil disturbances by closing the city at 3 bells instead of at 6 bells. This forces merchants who sell, but don’t live in the Upper City, to close their carts/shops to leave early and loose revenue. It makes labors that live outside the Black Dragon Gate to leave work early, causing delays and pile ups on the docks. Silvershield offers the team 10 gp per day per person to patrol the Upper City with the Watch. The team accepts with the conditions of lodging and meals added as part of the deal.

A few days after their starting their new job, The Baldur’s Mouth announces that the vandals of the statues were quickly tried, convicted, and sentenced. All five of the vandals (no word on the missing one) were sentenced to one year of labor in the Upper City and fined 1,000 gp. Since no names are released, the team realizes that the labor sentence is more to protect the youths from angry mobs in the Lower City than any actual punishment. The team notices that their receptions in the Lower City are cooler, no shouts of greeting, no free food, nor free ale now that they’ve publicly sided with the Upper City.

In response to the early closure of the Upper City, the Harbor Master announces that there will be a rise in tariffs on fine goods shipped into the city that will go into effect shortly.

Amidst the tensions, the Heroes receive an invitation to a soiree at the residence of Coran. At the party Coran takes time to chat with the Heroes. He answers questions and offers them his services if needed. Before leaving them, Coran suggests that something odd is going on at the harbor, but he is unsure of the details and the party may learn something valuable.

The team makes their way to the Harbor Master’s office in the middle of the night. Due to the harassment of the Flaming Fist patrols, the area is more deserted than usual. They successfully sneak their way to and into the building without attracting any attention. A careful examination of the Harbor Manifest reveals that it is an old magical artifact. The team successfully disarms the magical ward and is able study the manifest was well as the paperwork around the office. Despite Kondrat’s failure to notice a patrol coming up near the office, the team successfully remains concealed and avoids detection. (Yet another successful skill check!)

Pouring over the manifest finally pays off as Nairue discovers shipping irregularities related to Felogyr’s Fireworks. For many years, Felogyr’s Fireworks has imported four identical shipments per year of dragon dung, salt of yolk, and charcoal. A couple of tendays ago, less than a month after the arrival of the most recent regular shipment at Felogyr’s, another consignment for five times the usual amount was received. Two similar shipments preceded it. The larger shipments were labeled, “Deliver to H. Kope, in care of Felogyr’s.”

The next day the team pays a visit to Felogyr’s and meets Avery Sonshal, owner and descendant of Felogyr. He is open and honest with the Heroes and answers all of their questions. He knows nothing about the additional shipments, but some one did buy out all his stock months ago and asked about his suppliers. He gives a vague description of a tall brown haired man and says that the man’s name was Horus Kope, or some similar name. Dak remembers the bowl the found in the Bloomridge district and shows it to Sonshal. Sonshal is perplexed as to why the bowl looks like an authentic copy of his ancestor’s bowl, but he assures them that all his bowls are accounted for. Sonshal says that the bowls are made to his exact specifications by a Rivington potter and that a month ago a man paid for that information. Sonshal describes that man as short with black hair. Sonshal is as confused by the bowl as the rest of the team (high rolls on their insight checks) and has no suggestions or ideas as to what it all means.

Unsure of what to do next or what all of this means, the Heroes follow Nairue as she makes the religious rounds and seeks information. A friendly cleric of Gond, a short friendly, balding man, Dmrecalls that the former Duke Adrian had some sort of connection with Bhaal, the deceased God of assassins. It was said that Bhaal, in preparation for his death and rebirth, spawned many children in his later years. After Bhaal’s death, these children fought each other to the death to collect the essence of Bhaal and resurrect him. It is said that it was in Baldur’s Gate that the last two fought, the winner being Abdel Adrian. But Adrian was a good man, kind and generous to all. It is believed that Adrian’s good spirit prevented Bhaal from being resurrected. There are rumors that a Cult of Bhaal remain in Baldur’s Gate in hopes of raising their master.

But that must be just rumors, right?



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