Murder in Baldur's Gate

A Riot of Undead

A Riot so Loud to Wake the Dead

The Cast
Scott as Kondrat the Rogue
Cooper as Nairue the Eladrin Templar
Brian as Dak the Githzerai Seeker
Jacob as Dun the Goliath Fighter
Katie as Ever, the Badass Paladin.
Pat as Tarvor the Psionicists
Josh as DM

The adventurers start off this week by showing their appreciation for Pip doing some scouting for them. They take Pip out to one of the wholesome fish houses in Baldur’s Gate. Pip eats his fill, thanks the adventurers and heads on his way.

As the adventurers are continuing their patrols through the town, they come upon the Badass Paladin whom the adventurers knew had thwarted some kidnappings last week and ask her to join their adventure. After some initial introductions, the paladin does join them. They all return to the inn and retire for the night.

After sleeping in a bit the adventurers awake the next morning to a rumbling noise that sounds as if it is an earthquake that is still a ways away. When they step outside the check it out, people are running around both toward and away from the noise. When they look to the distance, they seek smoke billowing up. They then move toward the billowing smoke and see that a full scale riot of lower and outer city residents has broken out where people are tearing up everything in sight and several buildings are on fire.

When they look back from where they came, they see a Flaming Fist patrol coming toward them to quell the riot. The Flaming Fist then takes a position and blocks people from coming in toward the riot scene.

Dun takes a step out of the group and goes into the riot to ask what is going on. After he finds someone who appears to be leading the riot, he intimidates them into telling him about the riot. The resident tells Dun that the rioters are out because they heard that the patriars are going to declare martial law. Dun explains to him that that is incorrect and that they have spoken with Ravengaard and he absolutely does not intend to instill martial law on the citizens of Baldur’s Gate. At this time, Nairue tries to yell to the crowd, but it does not seem to have much effect. So Dun continues to make his way into the rioters and the rest of the adventurers follow.

As they move toward the center, they notice that the rioters are a lot of dock workers and Dun again goes in and intimidates them to get information. One of them named Gilderoy let Dun know that the oppressive government and rumors of Ravengaard implementing martial law is fueling the riot confirming what they heard from the previous rioter. Again, Dun tries to explain to the dock worker that Ravengaard is not going to implement martial law but to show the rioters that he is willing to help, he offers to go talk to Ravengaard to confirm that martial law is not going to be imposed.

So the adventurers backtrack to the Flaming Fist patrols to look for Ravengaard but as they approach the Flaming Fist line, the guards don’t let them pass. But Dun will have none of that and jumps the line. The patrol surrounds him and starts to question him when Tarvor flashes their Flaming Fist badge and questions the guards, “What are your orders?” The patrol responds that they are there to suppress the riot.

Dun goes back to Gilderoy who is not all too receptive to Dun and insists that he wants to talk to Ravengaard himself. Dak steps in and backs Dun up which causes Gilderoy to leave the riot. Dun then tries to yell at everyone to disburse but that has little effect on the full riot save the few that are immediately around the hulking Dun. Not having any of it, Dun makes his way through the rioters hitting some of them in the head to make his point. This causes a few of the rioters to surround Dun but Tarvor steps in and they are able to tell the rioters that they just need to disburse. However, things just seem to be getting worse and worse and some of the rioters on the fringe of the crowd are starting to fight with the Flaming Fist patrols.

The adventurers decide that the best course of action is to get out of there and start heading through a nearby cemetery. When they are looking around, they see a lot of dead bodies that are very fresh. They also see some movement in the cemetery and all of a sudden are surrounded by three undead creatures and a large greater death demon. The adventurers take fighting stances and begin their assault.

After some initial rounds with all of the monsters, the Badass Paladin slays the greater death demon and it falls into a pile of flesh. This allows the party to focus on the undead. After killing a few of the undead, two more appear and begin to fight the adventurers. More shots continue to be taken at the undead. As Dak shoots one of the undead, spectral bison charge from his bow which causes the undead to crap spectral poo. But then just as suddenly as the great death demon went down, a very large zombie hulk rises from the remains of the greater death demon and starts to attack everyone. Zombies

Through the battle, Dun takes a very aggressive stance and starts smashing all of the undead that are around him but they seem to be getting the better of Dun because Dun goes down and eventually becomes unconscious. To save the hulk of the group, Nairue shoots healing surges at Dun to keep him alive. Dun comes back and starts swinging again. Eventually the Badass Paladin does a great strike to vanquish the zombie hulk and reduce the danger to everyone. To seal its fate, Nairue casts a spectral flame on the remains to prevent any other creature from rising from the corpse. The final blow in the battle is dealt by Kondrat. However, the rest of the party is still in awe of the spectral bison that Dak was able to deliver.

When the party has a chance to look around, they see a crypt in the cemetery which seems to be the source of the undead that continue to rise against the party. Religion checks by Tarvor do not seem to reveal much, but Nairue feels a violent energy emanating from the crypt. Nairue casts some spells to wrestle with the spirits and eventually all of the spirit energy that he had felt dissipates. Meanwhile, in classic Kondrat fashion, he scours the crypt and finds some odds and ends – mainly jewelry and tokens.

The party then turns to leave the crypt and as they emerge from it, there is a crowd of locals that has gathered and starts to applaud the party for the excellent battle they had just waged. The party graciously accepts the accolades and then heads up to Ravengaard’s place to discuss the rumors of the imposition of martial law and the magical power they found in the crypt. As they make their way that way, they see that the riot has dissipated but there is a lot of property damage in the wake of the riot.

However, the party continues to make their way through the destruction and continues on the way to Wyrm’s Rock to meet with Ravengaard.

(Excerpt from the Journels of Dak the Githzerai)



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