Murder in Baldur's Gate


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe


Pat as Tarvor the Psionicists
Brain as Dak the Githzerai Seeker
Collin as Keira
Jarred as Quentin Wander, Bard of Valor
Scott C as Kondrat the rogue
Hannah as Orsino Fortanbras III, bloodthirsty thief
Sean as Kouki the pacifist cleric


After defeating the monster and getting offers to meet different people, the team debates their options.

Finally the party decides to meet the thief at Little Calimshan. As the party make their way through the streets of Baldur’s Gate district by district, first from The Wide, then through The Steeps, then across Heapside, and finally through Eastway to the Basilisk Gate at the eastern edge of the city.

As they approach the Basilisk Gate they come across a crowd of people jamming the gate into the outer city. Mareak, a blond-bearded dwarf recognizes the characters from their encounter in the Wide and explains that there was a theft of the city shield or something from the Harbormaster’s Office and now the toll collector was searching for it. Mareak implores the Heroes of The Wide to help speed things up with Nant Thangol the toll collector.

The adventures push their way forward and find Nant and half a dozen or more Flaming Fist mercenaries searching people. Nant is a gaunt dwarf who is arrogant and contemptuous toward the crowd. He flagrantly exceeds his authority as a toll collector. Several grumblers defame him, pointing out that he isn’t a customs agent and a few of the Flaming Fist soldiers appear uncomfortable about this detail. Nant’s post to the Baslisk Gate has earned him the nickname of The Basilisk. Once Nant finds out the identity of the party, he gladly moves them through the line while making disparaging comments about the scum still in line. Sean’s character (a pacifist cleric) convinces the Basilisk to stop searching and let everyone through the gate.

The group continues into the outer city, a place filled with cheaply made buildings, packs of stray dogs, and the smellier or nosier businesses of Baldur’s Gate; the tanneries, forges, slaughterhouses, stables, and dung heaps. After 30 minutes of walking through the crowded streets, they find themselves at the gate of Little Calimshan. Kondrat sees the hooded figure waiting near the gate and the figure signals to Kondrat to follow him. The hooded figure leads the party through a twisting obstacle course until finally dropping into a darkened, enclosed courtyard.

The agent leads them inside where they find a central fire pit, multicolor rugs, and heavy drapes that create the impression of being inside a tent. A seamed face peers at the party from beneath a turban. The man, wrapped in an ornate, brocaded robe, sits besides a low table along the fire pit and pours tea for everyone. The guide closes the door then pulls away a false beard revealing a woman’s face. “Thank you for coming,” she says as she sits next to the old man. “I wasn’t sure you would, but we had great hope.”

RilsaThe woman introduces herself as Rilsa Rael, agent of the Guild. She explains how the guild has been declared a criminal organization, but what they really do is protect and help the people in the outer city who have no other support system. She asks the heroes to join her and suggests that could rob Nant Thangol and redistribute the money to the poor. The party can’t agree to help her, but she gives Nant’s address and regular route in case they change their mind.

The party debates what to do next and Sean’s character says, “We met with the lowest, we should now meet the highest.” The party agrees and head back into the city to met Imbralym at the Three Old Kegs. They race back into town and arrive at the Three Old Kegs as Imbralym is finishing his meal. They talk for a bit before being taken through the streets of the Upper City to Duke Sliversheild’s residence. As they walk through the Upper city, the adventures notice the difference from the Lower City and the Outer City. Here it is clean, with flat streets and drainage, colorful buildings and magic lamps lighting the streets. Here in the Upper City, everyone is a patriar, is a servant for a patriar, or the very wealthy businesses owners.

At the Sliversheild estate they meet Duke Silversheild who offers them work. (I’m not clear on what happened here.) Silversheild asks them to help him take down the criminal organization called the Guild. (Is this correct?) The team discusses the idea before politely declining the offer. Imbralym escorts them out of the Silversheild estate and tells them not to come back unless they have more info on the Guild. (Is that correct?)Silvershield

Tarvor suggest that they get the the Guild to work with the patriars. As the team make their way to an inn, they decide to go to Nant Thangol’s house to break in and investigate to see if they can find any clues to corruption. A few of the party members do a great job distracting the guards outside while the thieves sneak in the back and poke around. Kondrat finds a doctored ledger on a table and Orsino gets itchy sticky fingers and finds another ledger showing the money that The Basilisk was collecting plus what he was skimming off the top. Orsino also steals a bunch of other stuff like candelabras, goblets, plates, and what not. The party leave the guards and the sleeping Basilisk behind and head to an inn.



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