Murder in Baldur's Gate

Into the Underceller

Dwarf fighting

Jacob as Dun the Goliath Fighter
Brian as Dak the Githzerai Seeker
Someone that looks like Jacob as Harbek the Dwarf Cleric
Someone that looks like Brian as Kelnozz the Drow Warlock
Josh as DM

As the adventure opens this week, Dak and Dun are looking around their party and they realize that many of them had befallen of the plague that seemed to be going around Baldur’s gate this week. As a result, Dak and Dun first make a check of the local eating and drinking establishments to find a couple of additional adventurers for their quest this week. Luckily, they come upon a dwarf cleric named Harbek who happens to be sitting with a level 1warlock by the name of Kelnozz.

With the party as complete as it is going to be for this week, the four head off to Wrym’s Rock to speak with Ravengard. He is very busy but eventually the party gets in to speak with him. He greets them with a dry, “Heroes, it’s good to see you.” Dun speaks first and asks Ravengard if he knows what started the riots. Ravengard is very quick to place blame on the guild with very little explanation.

Following up on what the adventurers learned about the riots, Dun asks Ravengard about the imposition of martial law. Ravengard’s response is that the riots are causing the possible imposition of martial law. To which Dak explains the chicken-or-the-egg scenario of that response in that their understanding is that the riots were caused by the possible imposition of martial law. To which Ravengard responds again that the only way to quell the riots is to impose martial law because he wants to nip this problem in the bud.

Ravengard explains that the lack of new duke is contributing the riots. Dun suggests that if that is the problem, that Ravengard should maybe focus his efforts on putting pressure on the upper city to get the duke situation taken care of. Ravengard is not too receptive to this and talks again about quelling the riots with martial law and Dun again explains that the riots are being caused by the rumor of martial law.

At this point, Dak steps in and suggests a compromise. Not sure what to suggest in the way of a compromise, Ravengard looks to Dun and Dak for what their proposal would be. Dun points out that if the Flaming Fist would show that they are supporting the city then things may turn around for the better. Ravengard agrees to an extent but asks about what to do with the guild. Dun suggests that he ignore it at this point and that Dun may be up for convincing his fellow adventurers that they may be able to take care of the guild. When Dun mentions the name of “Rilsa Rael,” Ravengard responds with a sly, “Now that’s an interesting name.” Dun plays his cards close and tells Ravengard that they may be able to find the instigation arm of the guild and then go after it. In the end, it is agreed that Ravengard will hold off on the imposition of martial law for two days during which time he will be expecting the adventurers to infiltrate the guild and help him take care of the instigators.

With that understanding the party then leaves Ravengard and heads to the upper city to speak with Silvershield who is at dinner but agrees to provide and audience to the party. Silvershield asks the party about rumors of goings on in the lower city. Dun explains what had happened that day with the riots and asks Silvershield if he knows who may be heading the guild rioters. Silvershield responds somewhat disgustingly by saying that he doesn’t deal with “those people” but that there may be a man named “The Fetcher” whom it is rumored may be at the center of the rumors. Although Silvershield is unable to provide a location for “The Fetcher” he directs the party to the streets to ask around. With that message, the party departs.

It is decided that the party will make one last check with Coran to see if he has any information about The Fetcher. But it is late in the day and as the party knocks on the door, the butler informs them that Coran is not there and the best time to contact him is during the day.

Needing to get information on The Fetcher, the party finds Pip who is still stuffed from the feast of fish and chips that they bestowed upon him last time they saw him. Dun asks Pip about The Fetcher. The mere mention of the name causes Pip to hesitate in providing any information. Kelnozz steps in and rolls a streetwise check that convinces Pip that all information he gives them is confidential. As a result, he eventually gives up some information on The Fetcher’s whereabouts.

He indicates that The Fetcher is frequently seen at the outer city pub called “Blood and Sand.” There apparently is a hidden room in the basement where the kegs are kept that The Fetcher tends to hang out. The party thanks Pip for the information and gives him another orange and a copper piece. As he leaves the party, he looks back and gives a very wry warning that the party should not be looking for or talking to The Fetcher.

Hummus.jpgAs it is early in the day, the party strolls around Baldur’s Gate doing patrols. As they are strolling along, they come upon a Boston Thumb Cat stuck in a tree and save the little kitten from sure demise. After feeling very satisfied about rescuing a freak of nature like a thumb cat, the party heads to the Blood and Sand early and posts up waiting for The Fetcher. They have some dinner and in tribute to their ill colleague Kondrat, they order the hummus plate. But it just doesn’t taste the same without Kondrat there to eat it with them.

Eventually, a couple of humans and a dwarf come into the bar and take a seat at a table in the corner. Harbek’s passive insight sees them and after a couple of minutes he nudges the others in his party and tells him that they humans and the dwarf are looking around. Kelnozz’s streetwise check is not picking up too much, but Harbek’s streetwise is on point and he does notice that one of the humans seems to be in charge and is likely the person that they were looking for – The Fetcher.


Various people in the bar are getting up and going over to talk to the humans and the dwarf. Our adventurers can see that the other party orders one round to drink before the wait staff whispers to them at which point a trap door is opened for them which goes down to a cellar. Just as quickly as the trap door was opened by the wait staff, they go back to waiting on the rest of the patrons in the Blood and Sand.

Dun wastes no time in going over to the trap door and opening it to walk down to the cellar. The rest of the party follows with Dak bringing up the end. As Dak makes one last look around the bar before going down to the cellar, the other patrons of the bar seem to be flabbergasted that the party would have the audacity to just go down there like they were. Ignoring the reactions, Dak bars the door as a preventative measure from the other patrons interfering with them.

As the party makes their way down the cellar stairs, they can see the dwarf and another shifty looking character. They notice Dun and his party coming down the stairs and start to approach Dun. However, Dun cuts them short and announces “I need to talk to The Fetcher!” The Dwarf, not missing a step, asks, “Why and what business do you have with her?” Dun makes some accusations about The Fetcher and her party being the ones instigating the riots to which the Dwarf laughs heartily and disclaims any knowledge of such an accusation.

Dwarf_down2.jpgHowever, Kelnozz does an insight check and is able to tell that the Dwarf is lying. He tells Dun the same to which Dun continues his discussion with the dwarf about the riots and the arson. The lack of any favorable response from the dwarf infuriates Dun who walks up to the dwarf and sucker-punches him with his fist doing resulting in a critical 20 hit. Blood immediately gushes from the dwarf whose face is left a bloody mess by the critical strike of Dun.

Quite satisfied with himself, Dun turns to the human and says that he wants to talk to her. But this is met with absolutely no response except that weapons are drawn. The human prepares her weapon but makes an offer for two fingers and the adventurers can go. Dun and party’s opinion of the offer is that it is completely ridiculous. As a result, Dun strikes at the dwarf and finishes him off and the battle ensues.

After some crafty combat, Harbek is able to finish off another human that was unfortunate enough to enter the fight mid-fight. Coming off of that high of killing the other human, Harbek lashes out at The Fetcher for one last blow and finishes her off with true finesse.

With all threats vanquished in the cellar – and not having their residential thief Kondrat with them – they search the bodies and find 20 gp each. They also find a slip of paper on the dwarf that has a location and a time on it that appears to be TWO DAYS from now. Dak and Harbek do a further search of the cellar and find a loose cobblestone with a box behind it. In the box is 50 gp each and a couple of speeches and meeting points from the riot. They also find a stash of aged whiskey. At one point, there appeared to be the remnants of a teleportation device but as quickly as the apparition came, it dissipated in the shape of a red forage fish, mostly belonging to the family Clupeidae.

The party then retreats from the cellar looking especially beat up with heads hung low as to draw as little attention from the patrons as possible. When the patrons see the adventurers, there are a few snickers – not the confectionary kind – coming from the bar. The party ignores them and leaves the tavern. As they round the corner, they take the opportunity to heal and then head back to Wrym’s Rock to speak to Ravengard.

They report the outcome of their melee with The Fetcher and her crew to which Ravengard expresses some surprise that the party was able to succeed. The party presents Ravengard with the information about the upcoming goings on. Ravengard thanks everyone for the information and tells them that they should stay at Wrym’s Rock until Ravengard can verify the information. The party respectfully declines telling Ravengard that they have a safe place to stay. The party is a bit confused about Ravengard’s suggestion, but an insight check shows that it is actual concern for the party’s safety that prompted his offer to stay there. Based on that, the party settles in to Wrym’s Rock and spends the time enjoying the comforts of the Flaming Fist’s facilities.

(Excerpt from the Journels of Dak the Githzerai)



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