Murder in Baldur's Gate

Murder in the Wide!

First blood spilled


Pat as Tarvor the Psionicists
Brain as Dak the Githzerai Seeker
Collin as Gwenn the Wizard Extraordinaire!
Jarred as Quentin Wander, Bard of Valor
Phillip as Ian Songsteel
Scott C as Kondrat the rogue
Hannah as Orsino Fortanbras III, bloodthirsty thief
Eric as Helium Gas, Warlock.


For whatever your reasons, whatever your histories, whatever your relationships with each other, you all find yourselves standing in the Wide in Baldur’s Gate to celebrate Returning Day. Baldur’s Gate is one of the great cities of Faerun, with the rich living atop the bluffs protected from the bourgeoisie, the middle class living in the middle of the city, and the poor and outcast who live outside the walls with little law or protection.

It is the anniversary of Balduran’s historic return to Gray Harbor, the namesake of the city. The light drizzle isn’t damping the festive mood emanating from the crowd in the Wide, the public marketplace . The crowd erupts in wild cheers as an older, surprisingly muscular man takes center stage. The people love Duke Abdel Adrian and it is clear that he loves the people of Baldur’s Gate as well.Duke adrian

As Duke Adrian expounds on the virtues of shared opportunity, you all notice a disturbance to your right as small group pushes their way towards the stage. A figure jumps upon the stage and attacks Duke Adrian with a short sword. The panicked crowd fleeing from the scene impede the Watch from using their crossbows or reaching the stage.

Realizing that they are the closest to act, the brave adventures step forward to save Duke Adrian, but are intercepted by four Thugs.

Stuff happens. Some wizard slides people around. A few of the adventures get wounded. Orsino kills one of the thugs. Tarvor tries to mentally smash the assassin, but nothing happens.

(Who killed the other three thugs? I don’t remember, can someone remind me.)

The fight on stage continues until the assassin kills Duke Adrian! With a sudden bone-cracking and flesh-tearing transformation, the killer is morphs into a hulking, blood-soaked, corpse-like form. The monster momentarily exults over the corpse of Duke Adrian before leaping into the crowd to rend skulls form torsos.

The brave adventures quickly face off against the monster and flight it until Orsino delivers the fatal blow! (That’s two for Orsino. Yes, I’m keeping score.)

Cheers, tears, adoration, grief, and the thanks of many bystanders fill the air. You all start to getting called the Heroes of the Wide. As the panic subsides, the upper city Watch are able to make their way to the stage and help restore order to the Wide.

Tarvor uses his vast Arcane knowledge to study the Spawn corpse and try to determine what caused the transformation. But the most that Tarvor can discern is that the transformation was not of a magical origin.

As the adventures compose themselves and bask in the adoration of the crowd, the two rouges Kondrat and Ian Songsteel (I think it was Ian) notice a hooded figure signaling to them in secret thief hand signals. They discreetly make there way over and the cloaked figure mutters, “You are newcomers here, so you don’t know the situation. If you want to know what is really happening in Baldur’s Gate, meet me at the gateway to Little Calimshan at dusk.” Then he steps into the crowd and disappears the way rouges do.

At the same time Orsino and Quentin (I think it was Quentin?) are approached by well dressed, older, pudgy elf who has a wine glass in hand. “Well done adventures! My name is Coran, I am well known here in Baldur’s Gate. In my youth I was an adventurer like yourselves. Let me show you my appreciation by buying all of you a drink sometime.” Then he waves his glass and stumbles away.

On the other edge of the Wide the two magic users Helium Gas and Gwenn (I think it was Gwenn?) are approached by a young man, darkly handsome and graceful, who is dressed in a sumptuous robe. He clasps the hand of Helium Gas and whispers, “My name is Imbralym Sknoond. My master bids me to discover who took Abdel Adrian’s life. If you wish to save Baldur’s Gate from the rot festering inside it, meet me at the Three Old Kegs. I will be there until four bells.” He quickly slips back into the crowd after delivering the message.

Ulder ravengard cardWhile, near the stage, Dak and Tarvor are approached by a powerfully built man with a clenched gauntlet wreathed in fire emblazoned on his tabard. The symbol of the Flaming Fist, the mercenary company that polices the lower city, but not the upper city. "Greetings. I am Ulder Ravengard, commander of Wyrm’s Rock and-as of right now-marshal of the Flaming Fist mercenary company. Duke Adrian had been our marshal. The Watch (the police force for the upper city) was responsible for his safety here and should have protected him. We are indebted to you.

Please meet me at Wyrm’s Rock, where we can have a proper introduction. You could be of great service to our city. I hope you do not disprove my good appraisal of you. You’ll find I can be a valuable friend."

As Ravengard walks away, a dozen hard-bitten, plain-clothes figures melt away from their positions, shadowing the marshal, their eyes prowling the crowd, stalls, and eaves.

Tarvor and Quinten (I think it was Quinten) search their historic and religious knowledge regarding the transformation. Both recall stories about various transformations, demons, possessions, etc.

What happens next?

Session 2 – Picking up a few minutes after session 1 ended, time enough for everyone to do a short rest.

Players should huddle up, share the info they all just picked up, and decide on their next course of action.

Players can make one and possibly two of the three appointments without splitting the party. Splitting the party to make all three appointments is possible, but the smaller party attending the appointment may cause suspicion from the person who invited you when less then your full party attends the meeting.



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