Murder in Baldur's Gate

Rising Tensions

Fire, Sword, or Trial

Table 2
The Cast
Brain as Dak the Githzerai Seeker
Scott as Kondrat the Rogue
Cooper as Nairue the Eladrin Templar
Jacob as Dun the Goliath Fighter
Pat as Tarvor the Psionicists
Tim as DM

The tensions continue to rise in Baldur’s Gate. The people in the Lower City treat the Heroes of the Wide with less enthusiasm as they continue to work for Silvershield in the Upper City. As they patrol the Upper City they notice signs around some of the shops of clean up vandalism and graffiti. During the off hours in the Lower City they also notice an increase of vandalism and graffiti. Slogans like, “Equality for All!” “Tear Down the Walls!” “Hang the Patriars!” “Burn Baldur’s Gate!” and “Extinguish the Flaming Fist!” cover the Lower City.

One night at the end of a pub crawl, they team finds a warehouse on fire. They help to put out the fire and then investigate and determine that the warehouse was empty and abandoned. The fire’s point of origin looks like it was started inside the warehouse. No signs of dragon’s dung, salt of yolk, or charcoal are found in the warehouse.

A few days later it is announced that the old dueling laws have been reinstated. These laws heavily favor the rich or the patriars who can afford better armor and weapons than their opponents. While on patrol in the Upper City they come upon a duel in progress between two patriars. First blood is shed and the dual ends.

An announcement is made Marshal Ravengard a few days later that due to the corruption and infiltration of the justice system by the Guild, he has created the Courts of the Flaming Fist. This impromptu military tribunal can convene anywhere, hear evidence, and pass judgment. The team witness a trail near the docks and the crowds seem to react positive to the judgment.

The team comes across another fire days later, this time the warehouse isn’t empty and goods are lost. After interrogating the owner, they look for signs of arson, dragon’s dung, charcoal, or salt of yolk. FireAlthough they do find evidence of arson, they do not find signs that dung, charcoal, or salt of yolk was stored in the warehouse. Reports of seeing children in the area makes the team believe that they might be involved. The team hires Pip to keep his eyes and ears open for more info on the fires.

Day pass with no tips from Pip, but the team does witness another Court of the Flaming Fist on their way to Little Calimshan. The case involves a thief of merchandise from a shop in the Lower City. The Officer declares him guilty and sentences the thief to have his finger tip cut off. The Heroes try to intervene. First Tarvor tries to talk the officer into a lighter sentence, but the officer isn’t swayed. Then Tarvor buys off the merchant to ask for leniency, but the officer still isn’t swayed. And Tarvor is out 20 gp. Dun then picks up the thief and considers running off with the thief. The officer calls for more troops and orders the Heroes to stand down. The team finally relinquishes the criminal and the punishment is carried out on the spot.

The team finally makes their way out to Little Calimshan to try and meet with Rilsa. When she meets them, she brings body guards and makes it clear that she doesn’t trust them. They’ve been working openly for Silvershield and she wants proof of their intention before working with them again. She also chides them for coming back to the Calim Jewel Emporium as she had told them in the past not to come back there in order to avoid attracting attention.

A few days later the team runs into another duel in the Lower City, this time between a patriar and Lower City resident, a young adult who is less equipped than the patriar. This time Dun steps in. He offers to fight the duel in place of the Lower City resident, has first blood drawn, and accepts the loss of the duel. Although the patriars are arrogant and rude, the heroes remain unprovoked into another fight.

Image 1The Heroes think another fire is due and they make arrangements to stake out the walls near the Upper City. Their work pays off and they catch early signs of something going down. They rush to the building and find street urchins giving warning signals before scattering into the streets. Tarvor, Nairue, and Kondrat give chase to the youths while Dak and Dun break into the building. Inside the building the find the arsonist prepping for a fire, but the surprise entrances of Dak and Dun cause him to start the fire as a distraction while he tries to get away. All the youths are captured and Dun gives chase to the one of the two arsonists while Dak attempts to put out the fire with kerosene. Dun tackles and breaks the leg of one of the arsonists while the other escapes. Kondrat goes into the building and runs upstairs to help the residents out of the building. Good thing since Dak tries to put out the fire with left over cooking oil. The building burns down, but the family and a very pretty daughter are grateful to Kondrat.



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