Murder in Baldur's Gate

The End is Nigh

Going out with a Bang

Table 2
The Cast
Scott as Kondrat the Rogue
Cooper as Nairue the Eladrin Templar
Pat as Tarvor the Psionicists
Tim as DM

The adventure begins this week with a bang. An explosion in the upper city catches the notice of the brave adventures and the rest of the city. Initial reports from witnesses and bystanders suggest that the explosion was in a side street where an empty coffin was being delivered. Guilt is quickly pointed at the Guild.

(DM: At this pointed I checked in with the players as to who they want to aligned with for the Encounter session. I told them that the Upper City was still in lockdown and that the Lower City was under Martial Law. This gave them the option of the being with the Watch and having access to the Upper City, being with the Flaming Fist and having access to the Lower City, or choosing neither and using the Undercellar to get around. They decided that they would be working with the Flaming Fist.)

The team investigates the scene and determines that the “empty” casket was the source of the explosion. They follow up with a visit to the Candulhallows, the undertaker family business that was delivering the empty casket, but uncover little except denials and obstructions. They team breaks into the undertakers building later that evening and find hallow caskets and delivery paper work which indicate another delivery the following day.

The team follows the delivery as it leaves the undertakers and makes it way through the Upper City. The casket disappears down an alley and the team is able to determine the location with the help of Nairue’s quick thinking. A quick break in with Kondrat’s talents shows them an empty coffin in an empty storeroom with some stairs leading down into the Undercellar. Nairue’s Drow heritage helps them track their targets in the dark and confusing Undercellar and they finally come upon their targets. Skoond.jpgThey find Imbralym Skoond in an empty staging area dismissing his workers and telling them the explosion will start shortly. The team realizes they are likely near the High Hall, the gathering place of the Parliament of Peers, and Nairue runs back to the exit in the hopes of evacuating the High Hall. Kondrat and Tarvor quickly subdue Skoond who yells at them, “You fools! We’ll all die here!”

As Nairue races through the streets to get to the High Hall, Pip comes running up to her yelling for help. Ravengard has announced that he will be executing Guild members and sympathizers who are prisoners at Wyrm’s Rock and that Mr. Needle is one of the prisoners of the Flaming Fist since the closing of the Baldur’s Mouth. Nairue gives Pip her Flaming Fist badge and tells him to give the badge to Ravengard and to tell Ravengard to hold off executing Needle until they return to Wyrm’s Rock. Pip runs off and Nairue continues on to the High Hall.

As Kondrat and Tarvor drag Skoond back towards the exit through the Undercellar, above them Nairue runs into a cordon of Watch soldiers that are blocking her way to the High Hall. Nairue quickly outwits the Watch soldiers (and the DM) by Fey stepping past them. But…


The explosion goes off at the High Hall. A tidal wave of earth erupts around the wing of the High Hall and it swallows it whole. Burning fragments of the building and people rain down across the city, causing hundreds of injuries and starting dozens of small fires. (The DM spends 90% of the FX budget on the explosions.)City_Fire.jpg

Kondrat and Tarvor, caught underground during the blast, pick themselves up and make their way to the surface and the High Hall where they find Nairue attending to the wounded. Skoond again breaks free and rushes into the debris to his death. (Sorry Pat, I wanted to kill the red herring and keep you on track.) Nairue informs Kondrat and Tarvor about the executions at Wyrm’s Rock and that Pip said that Needle might be soon executed.

Another explosion is heard and Kondrat scampers to the roof to see a plume of smoke at the Seatower. The team decides that they need to stop the executions and make a run for Wyrm’s rock. Along the way they overtake Pip and Nairue collects her badge before leaving Pip behind.

As the team make their way across Wyrm’s Crossing to Wyrm’s Rock, they start to see the hung bodies of the executed prisoners. Among the dead they find Ettvard Needle. The team makes their way to Ravengard and tries to talk him into stopping the executions, but he remains unswayed. The team informs him about the destruction of the High Hall and another explosion of some sort at the Seatower. This convinces Ravengard to stop the executions and double time all the available Flaming Fists troops to the Seatower.

(DM: Distance, time, and logistics make it impossible for this to happen, but for story value I make them arrive at the Seatower in time for all the action. I make them do an Endurance check or loose two healing surges.)

The team and the rest of the Flaming Fist rush to the Seatower and find it being overwhelmed by an armed rabble in what looks likes a Guild sponsored prison break. Bodies lay everywhere and small clusters of fighting are scattered through the courtyard. The team and the troops rush in to subdue the rabble. (DM: Think of those large cinematic battle scenes where it goes into a tight focus on the fight with the heroes.) The team find themselves facing off a few Thugs and Halfling Sneaks. They take down all the bad guys until only two are left who almost kills Tarvor, but Ravengard comes to his rescue!

Ravengard stands among the dead and looks in horror at the smoking rising from the Upper City. “No, things have gone too far,” he whispers. He turns to the heroes and asks for their help in uniting the city and helping them rebuild Baldur’s Gate.

The city reels from all the destruction and it heaves a collective sigh of relief as the city leaders, Ravengard, Silvershield, and the remaining Parliament members agree to work to for the betterment of Baldur’s Gate. The sumptuary law and the law closing of the Upper City are relaxed and Martial Law in the Lower City is lifted. When confronted with Skoond’s actions, Silvershield points to the Guild and denies any involvement with Skoond.

To help the city mend, the leaders pour resources into the upcoming Festival of the Moon, a three-day long fete featuring costumed merriment, entertainment, somber remembrance, and feasting. During the festival the Wide is transformed into a festival ground. There will be plenty of free food, masks and costumes, minstrels and dancing, puppeteers and fireworks, and games of chance. Well, maybe not the fireworks. All citizens are welcome.



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