Murder in Baldur's Gate


Death and more death

The Cast of who might have been there (since I have a fuzzy memory)
Scott as Kondrat the Rogue
Cooper as Nairue the Eladrin Templar
Pat as Tarvor the Psionicists
Jacob as Dun the Goliath Fighter
Brian as Dak the Githzerai Seeker
Katie as Ever, the Badass Paladin

The citizens of Baldur’s Gate relax and their spirits begin to rise. The remaining leaders have meet and agreed to work together to build a better tomorrow. The Festival of the Moon unites the city and the remaining city leaders pool their funds to make food and drink available for everyone during the three-day festival.

The first day of the Festival goes off without incident. There is food, minstrels, dancing, puppeteers, and entertainment for all ages in the Wide. During the Second day, the party finds themselves in the Wide hearing the toast from Silvershield. He thanks the heroes and speaks of the greatness of Baldur’s Gate.

A commotion at the back of the Wide catches their attention. Rilsa is moving slowly through the drunken crowd with a few henchmen slaughtering revelers as she makes her way through the Wide. Panic erupts as people realize what’s happening and rush to make their escape. Other followers of Rilsa make their way into the Wide from other locations and also start to murder the townsfolk trapped in the wide.

The Heroes jump into action, quickly engaging the murders and helping the townsfolk escape to safety. Between the Watch members and the heroes, they are able to kill the raving Guild members. Dak traps Rilsa in a corner and delivers a mighty blow which shatters her skull. As Rilsa’s body slowly sinks to the ground, the mangled body begins to chuckle and transform into a creature similar to the one they fought on Founder’s Day.

The mighty team of Heroes throw their best attacks at the creature, but to no avail. One by one, the Heroes fall to the monster’s blows. First Dakn gets ripped in half, leaving an astonished look on his face. Next fell Kondrat, for once to slow to escape the razor claws of the beast. Next fell the Don the Goliths, who sadly tripped and fell down a hole into the Undercellar and broke his neck in the fall. Then came Ever who bellowed with drunken Dwarvan rage, and smashed the monster’s foot as it clawed through the thick Dwarvan armor. Nairue tried to remove the monster’s head but was smashed into the ground. Lastly came Tarvor who tried to Psionically destroy the monster from a far. Taror’s attacks seem to bounce off the monster as it stalked closer to Tarvor. Finally at it’s goal, the Bhaallspawn grabbed Pat and lifted him into the air for a backbreaker. “Wait,” shrieked Pat, “That isn’t what happened!”

Oh, really? (Cue music from the Clue movie) Then how about this.


As the party of Heroes basked in the glow of the adoration of the crowds, Duke Silvershield finishes his praise of the Heroes and speaks of the bright future ahead for Baldur’s Gate.

A scream interrupts the festivities as everyone looks to the sky. Admists the fireworks (fireworks, really? After the bombing of the High Hall? Who wrote this module?) decorating the sky, what looks like large balls of fire can be seen headed towards the Wide.

The explosion rocks the Wide as the first of many mortars begin to hit the city. The Wide erupts into panic as people run for cover. Kondrat quickly skitters to the top of the nearest building and reports that the motars are being launched from the Seatower. The Heroes decide to live up to their moniker and rush down to the Seatower to confront the madman launching the flaming mortars at the city. Minutes tick by (as written, that’s about 30 minutes in game time) as the Heroes slowly make their way down through the crowded streets, shoving people out of the way, helpless as the watch mortar after mortar rain down on the city. First the Wide and then the Upper City get hit. Then the Basilisk gate and the Outer City get hit.

The streets are deserted of citizens as they near the Seatower. The few Flaming Fist soldiers that they encounter are bewildered and confused. Finally at the gates of the Seatower, the Heroes find the bridge and courtyard empty of living souls but the corpses of Flaming Fist troops litter the courtyard. The team make their way up the tower that is the source of the bombardment and encounter a small troop of Flaming Fist officers. The Heroes order the officers to stand aside, but they’re ignored and the officers seem to be taken by some sort of madness. The Heroes quickly kill the officers and make their way to roof where they find Marshall Ravengard and a few troops firing the catapult at the city.

Ravengard appears to be in a state of madness as he orders the men to continue firing into the city. The Heroes split into two groups as one group tries to stop the catapult and the other group tries to bring down Ravengard. Tarvor uses his awesome Psionic skills to break the catapult while drunken Dwarf Ever (I assume Ever is a Dwarf) and Nairue kill the soldiers.

Kondrat, Dun, and Dak triple team Ravengard until he goes down from a backstab and sneak attack critical hit from Kondrat (Scott rolls a 20!). As Ravengard falls to the ground in a puddle of his own foaming blood, a hideous laughter erupts from the body as it transforms into a monster similar to the one they fought on Founder’s Day. The team now face off against a huge, towering monster. Tarvor, fresh off his high from disabling the catapult, rush to destroy the Bhaalspawn, but gets crushed instead. Kondrat and Dak move in and attack the monster, but their blows have little effect. Ever, Nairue, and Dun also surround the monster, but soon they too soon fall to the monster’s blows. As Kondrat, the last Hero falls, he whispers, “But I killed him already…”


Sure, that’s one of the three possible endings to our Encounter Season, but here’s what really happened.

As the Heroes stand in the Wide listening to the speeches, Duke Silvershield steps forward with a smile. He thanks the Heroes for their service and tells all Baldurans about the coming days of greatness. He presents a large cask of ale and offers free drinks to everyone in the spirit of the Festival of the Moon.

The revelries continue around them, but slowly the team of Heroes begin to notice a change. The good spirits that once surrounded them seem to have been replaced by voices raised in annoyance rather than joy. Tempers begin to fray and fisticuffs begin to breakout across the Wide. Slowly the Heroes begin to suspect that something was wrong with the casket of ale. Off to the side sits Duke Ravengard, smirking as he watches the fights evolve into brawls. The team make their way to the cask of ale and break it, but it is too late as weapons are drawn and revelers begin to fight each other to the death. The Priest of Gond that surround Duke Silvershield fight off the Heroes but they soon fall under the mighty blows of the Heroes.

Dun the Golith finally kills the Duke with a mighty blow that severs the head from the body. As the head rolls to a stop it starts to laugh in a maniacal manner. The body of the Duke slowly transforms into the monster the Heroes first encountered on Founder’s Day. “Fools!” the headless body spits, “Your doom is sealed!” The corpse finishes the transformation ad the party finds themselves facing off against a Bhaalspawn.

The party delivers blow after blow until finally the Bhaalspawn is killed. “No matter,” whispers the Bhaalspawn, “as foretold, Bhaal has returned to the world.”

The bloody heroes stand in an empty Wide amidst the bodies of the slain citizens and wonder what they should they do next. Should they stay in Baldur’s Gate and help with rebuilding the city? Or should they travel north, past Luskin where riches await.

Fare thee well brave adventures!




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